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Welcome to! We are a Texas-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to change the face of philanthropism in the United States. was established in 2015 by a US Army Combat veteran that focuses on providing services and aid towards causes in the United States. We have helped trusted community-led causes and locally-
driven programs in the country access essential support, resources and tools to further their mission.


At, we understand that a majority of philanthropic individuals and organizations based in the United States tend to channel their support towards foreign programs. This approach tends to forget about the needy and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities in the country. They struggle in silence with no one to come to their rescue. We established this organization to shift the focus to creating a better America for everyone by ensuring donations help out true causes and
are not mismanaged. With the help of their close friends, relatives or acquaintances, we look to connect with those Americans suffering and offer long-lasting solutions to their struggles.
We apply donations from contributors across the country. We ensure these donations stay in the USA and help vulnerable citizens obtain some relief, overcome deficiencies and peace of mind. We strive to identify obstacles that communities need and adopt ethical, efficient and consistent resolutions and missions to those in need. We also seek
to appreciate military veterans by attending to their needs. Our solutions are tailored towards identifying and dismantling the root cause of problems.


​As a foundation, we work as a team with each member of the organization and community to adopt a solution that helps resolve issues at the root. Founded by a US military war veteran helps individuals and underserviced American communities overcome deficiencies. strives to identify obstacles that communities need and adopt efficient, ethical, and consistent resolutions to those in need.


Working together, and charitable donors unite resources towards making a difference in the lives of military veterans and underserved American communities. We strive to make the most efficient use of resources and funding towards funding and resolving issues at the root cause of our mission.


“To collaborate with charitable donors to unite resources towards making a difference in
the lives of military veterans and underserved American communities.”


To the champion of ethical and consistent philanthropy in the United States with a
focus on implementing community-led causes that enhance the wellbeing of Americans.



We are accountable, compassionate, transparent and honest in all our work. We adhere to the highest levels of ethical, moral and legal principles.


We seek to maximize community participation in our programs and missions through thoughtful planning. We ensure our services are visible to all community members.


We believe in the power of teamwork to achieve our goals. That's why we strive to form alliances with like-minded individuals and organizations and embrace shared leadership and participatory decision making.


We value human diversity. We strive to work with or serve everyone, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, creed, gender and personality.


We strive to thrive in all our work by leveraging the best management practices, delivering impactful and long-lasting solutions, and embracing continuous improvement.

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