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At, we understand that transition to the civilian world after the military can be adaunting experience. From dealing with poor mental health to nursing physical handicaps sustained while in combat, military veterans face many challenges that affect
their health and wellbeing. Because of pride or fear, they tend to be silent with their problems and stubbornness, which end up fueling their suffering. As an organization founded by a military veteran, we have a deep conviction to improving the transition process and enhancing their life experiences.
We are deeply committed to continually better the lives of all who serve in the US Armed Forces and their families through a spectrum of transition services. We strive to identify them and guide them to a line of resources and tools that can improve their lives. We also achieve this mission through advocacy, empowerment and engaged
membership, peer-inspired self-reliance, and communication programs. Our solutions are comprehensive, reliable and consistent. We look to work with donors and other military veteran groups to expand our reach to every corner of America.


The elderly are the most neglected citizens. More often, they face, among other forms of ageism, stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice. Because of family desertion, a majority of senior citizens face many challenges, including severe mental health
problems, financial insecurity, difficulty with mobility, and lack of care and support. is committed to improving their lives by addressing their interests and needs.
With the help of the community, we seek to identify secluded senior citizens and provide useful resources and information to promote their health and wellness, long-term care and support, personal enrichment and self-determination, and economic security. We
use the donations we receive to provide aid for medical needs, food, shelter and home repair, clothing and many more needs they lack.




Teachers play a critical role in the enrichment of a community. They mold individuals by equipping them with the right skills, knowledge, and abilities to live out their dreams, goals and missions and be responsible and agile citizens. However, teachers are often left with minimal resources and struggle to provide quality education for the next generation. We established to champion the improvement of education in the country. Our mission focuses on transforming the experience of teachers in the classroom. We compassionately provide classroom materials and technologies that help to bring the
gap for underfunded schools and the younger generation, which is technology-savvy. We address the teachers’ welfare by providing a wide array of ideas, resources and information. We look to dismantle discrimination by supporting them to maximize their ingenuity, creativity and passion to make a change in their classroom.


The importance of access to quality education cannot be overstated. It equips the
younger generation with tools to stimulate unparalleled curiosity and impressionable
minds and agility to sail through in the turmoil of life. However, United States has
become an expensive affair. At understands that this condition bars them to
pursue and live out their dreams. In pursuit of helping the United States realize UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 – quality education, we champion equality by dismantling the barriers that deny these youths the chance of accessing better education and transforming their lives. We help young generations to reach their full potential and advance by providing
scholarship opportunities. Our funding programs focus on facilitating the young generation access to quality education from elementary, basic, and secondary up to post-secondary level. This way, they can go back and build their communities.

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